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Of these it is said: you do not see them
even as you are passing through!

The Realm Beyond Words! Others have coined terms (peak experiences, meaningful moments) to name this transcendent place.  It is hard to explain such things, but there are ways to communicate the feeling and that is what this blog is about.   With poetry, with images and with stories, we  can share what gave each of us insight, solace, meaning, direction, or peace beyond understanding. Lets begin!


By Susan Carnes

I defy fear to look over the edge
from my high climb,
Gripped tight by the spell that turns my courage
into a pillar of salt.
A breeze riffles the surface of the drowning pool
below me.
“Listen”, it whispers.
I hear only my wildly beating heart.
“Breathe”, it sighs,
and my legs stop their melting.
Unreasoned fear dissipates,
and I take a step forward
on the balance beam of life.
“Stay with me I cry-hold my hand.”
But like quick silver you are gone even as I try to catch on to you.
Shed joyful tears of knowing,
Gladly given,
Freely flowing,
From the everlasting wellspring of the Grail.
Sweat stings my eyes.
The work is almost more then I can bear:
dirty, tedious, heavy, and cruel.
Til a spring rain comes washing out my winter of “too hard.”
Hear the sun singing in a puddle of snow,
beaming a song I know but can’t recall.
Round rolls the melody with the words,
spinning a memory
just beyond my reach.
Come the tears of joyful knowing,
Gladly given,
Freely Flowing,
From the everlasting wellspring of the Grail.
Sometimes, in a watercolor world of happenstance,
the shapes run together just right,
as if a magic hand was arranging them.
And I know, because I can’t repeat it when I try.
And sometimes, in a wide open smile,
or in the passion of the dance,
there is this flame that flickers,
and I know, because I cannot light it,
nor can I warm myself by its elusive fire,
for it is too uncommon,
like the reflection of stars across the midnight of my aloneness.
Sweet the tears of joyful knowing
Freely given,
From the everlasting wellspring of the Grail.

12 thoughts on “Home”

  1. “Hear the sun singing in a puddle of snow…” I’ll remember that!
    I welcome this website, Sue, because “the unforgettable” implies an experience that must in some way be “transcendent.” By that I mean the event must have freed us — even for a millisecond — from the confines of our small self. I’ve studied this a bit and find that our most profound memories are of these escapes — most often accidental — from this human condition of ours. Without doubt, artists and writers and all creative people are on a constant mission to create portals for such an escape. Saludos, mi amiga.

    1. PJ:
      Do you think these moments—these unforgettable moments— become life changing with the recalling of them? Like a song, certain words, a recurring melody, they play again and again, like a flash of our favorite movie scene just out of our field of vision, and sometimes we see more of the movie playing out, the part that we have never seen before, and we long to see more…..

      1. Definitely. A change may not happen immediately within yourself in the recalling, but the recalling and sharing may induce any number of memories, feelings, revelations, and more in your readers/listeners. The retelling, sharing is like listening to a song. what you heard yesterday – or decades ago – hits you differently every time you hear it.
        Write on.

        1. Yes:
          And with some people at certain times in their lives, what you say resonates. It gives them permission to expand on the experience with their own, and the listener/teller forms a bond-bigger, tall, wider, that shatters the illusion of aloneness.

  2. The uniquely expressed truth of a message shared can resonate so deeply within another person that it triggers a major life change, breaking the cycle of unknown self imposed limitations and bonds.

    1. I love it. This is exactly what I mean. And that also means we don’t all have to go over the Niagra in a barrel. And our writings/scriblings might have power!!!!!!

      1. Thank you Lee. I hope you look at the Blog posts here at Home. I remember you from the ‘tribe writers. I want to stay in contact. OK?

    1. Piper:
      Our words that flow freely when things are right, can make a huge difference. We can’t control it. Once written, it’s out there working. Do you know the story of Rodriguez? Look for him in my blog about the music. Google him. A whole generation of kids grew up with his music. Maybe even one person will read what you write, and be changed. It is important! Write for that one person!

  3. Should I applaud you now for finally reaching out and obtaining your goal? I think not…..for in my rememberances, you were the highest climber of all, and you rested on your mountain top when we were still, just those “wild youngsters! It was then and from there that you started “taxiing” down your runway and took flight into your long journey to, “now”. The pride I have for you and the pride you have given me, needs no further explaination…what are friends for…..Renee’

    1. Renee:
      From early on, I knew you were more talented then I was in every way. I guess we never told you so enough for you to believe. But, after you, I never again let another woman know me or share the “wild ride” as we did as kids. You were then and are now, my best friend.

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