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Love Like This

The fog in my head is lifting as my mind sifts through past experiences, pondering the new book I am writing, the book  I will call Epiphany.  Ah yes, it is becoming clear that I believed in a certain kind of romantic love —the fairy tale of “happily ever after” where there can be only “that one true love” for one to find. Here is a ditty I just wrote that expressed “Love Like This.”
Tis Prince Charming I’m pining for
I’ve read and heard and I believe
In love that lasts forever more
Will never quarrel and never leave.
He rides his white horse passing by
But he has Cinderella’s shoe.
My foot is bare , I hold it high
And wait to love and say “I do.”
“Lonely,” cries my deepest heart
Two hearts in love will beat as one
Entangled love wont pull apart
Passion fresh as when begun
He comes at last to end the wait
Our love inscribed across the stars
I run to greet my sweet soul-mate
But I’m from Venice, he’s from Mars
Perhaps the mistake of “soulmate love” is when a person, feeling like he/she is missing a piece, looks for another to feel complete. In this fantasy love, the weaker sex falls into strong arms, is protected and lives happily ever after. Right? Together they almost make one person!
Did you believe in “love like this”? So what happens when the believer risks everything to follow that dream? Please comment!

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