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Epiphany's Cast of Characters: Jubilation

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The third book I am writing, Epiphany, is peopled by characters Lori meets in the Oregon Cascades.  In previous blogs you have met Lori, our protagonist, then the Oregon logger who wants to show her Oregon’s secret places. While exploring, Lori meets Jubal who wants her to join him in his way of life.

Guarding the entrance to an almost forgotten cave full of petroglyphs, the village of Perils, named for the precipice shadowing it, hides stream side to the Blackwater River . The village patriarch, a highland hippy,  brandishes his bottle of whiskey  and announces through a blue cloud of marijuana,   that strangers are not welcome— but once there,     visitors     might     never     leave!
Jubal Speaks
I sport buckskin and bangles
Dance in