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When the Student is Ready, the Teacher Appears

I have written Epiphany all the way through, and am currently editing and polishing it. It is easy to see themes in this novel. “Kiss Yourself Goodbye,” is the first line. Certainly the very word “goodbye” elicits visions of letting go and moving on.
Often in my life, I have gotten lessons dealt to me when I most needed them.  Sometimes, my teacher is an image. In the following excerpt,  Lori, the protagonist in my story, choses an archetype from the teachings of Tarot, the Queen of Wands that symbolizes the qualities and strengths she needs to go forward. Notice the pictures on these cards and follow her thinking as she recognizes her own creativity, and begins to use it to inspire her students to use their talents.


Lori looked at what had once been her first choice, the Queen of Cups.  Solitary. Reigning from  a throne embellished by shells, she seemed almost transparent, for  her face was reflective as the sea at her feet, and she gazed with expectation at the golden cup she held, enchanted by its sweet potion. Lori did not wish to drink from her chalice of love. Not today. The aloof Queen of Swords, her blade cutting the air as she coldly contemplated truth did not tempt Lori,  and not even the splendidly adorned Queen of Pentacles, luxuriating in the riches of the earth, interested her. Indeed, having tasted abundantly of the elements of  water, air and the good earth—Lori looked to the fourth queen-the Queen of Wands and the element of fire. She faced forward to the ready, opposing lions of  fire and strength guarded the sides of her throne, and she held sunflowers. Sunflowers bloomed all around her. Why even the wand was coming into bloom.  And the black cat at her feet mirrored magic! “Today,” Lori said, ” This queen is my symbol. The sunflowers, vibrant with the colors of fall, are the harvest I have planted. It is time to shine.

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A Feminine Character in Epiphany: A Womanly Cure For That "Motherless Feeling"

Lori, our protagonist, has enjoyed exploring secret places in the mountains of Oregon. But,  she has been hired to do a demanding job, and with start-time looming, she looses heart and feels afraid. She remembers the song on an old album from Paul Whiteman, “Sometimes I feel Like a Motherless Child.,” (hear it sung here by Julie London) and sinks into depression. But Lori has a friend, the woman Claudia, who can provide solace and guidance for the difficult year ahead.
Have you also found a special person who can bolster your flagging self confidence? Remembering just how it felt for me, I wrote a poem about passing through the portal from melancholy to renewal, under the transformative power of a wise woman.
A Womanly Cure
See—the river goes somewhere,
Moving on.
Watch—the seedling springs up,
Growing in lockstep with the constant march of days,
While I huddle in the grip of doubt,
Wondering if I am lost in time,
Without direction, without knowing,
A student with no teacher.
A motherless child.
Adrift on a moonless night,
The compass has no needle, the radio no sound
The lighthouse has gone dead
In the eye of a monstrous storm circling round me
Set to strike.
It’s then I go to Claudia,
The sheltering wing of the angel
And she hugs me into herself, this woman,
Whispering ancient knowledge I have forgotten
Of Mother nature, fertility and abundance
And of harvest that nourishes the soul.
She holds the looking glass up for me to see my own womanly self.
With intuition as my compass, I hear the fiddler playing my song.
Claudia dowses up an artesian well of prophetic waters
To wash away fear
To shine a beacon of courage
To radiate the light of inspiration
To dissolve the clouds of depression
And I see my path forward
Across the year ahead.

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Epiphany's Cast of Characters: Jubilation

Image: WoopWoopWarp-hippies-33410939-5000-3333

The third book I am writing, Epiphany, is peopled by characters Lori meets in the Oregon Cascades.  In previous blogs you have met Lori, our protagonist, then the Oregon logger who wants to show her Oregon’s secret places. While exploring, Lori meets Jubal who wants her to join him in his way of life.

Guarding the entrance to an almost forgotten cave full of petroglyphs, the village of Perils, named for the precipice shadowing it, hides stream side to the Blackwater River . The village patriarch, a highland hippy,  brandishes his bottle of whiskey  and announces through a blue cloud of marijuana,   that strangers are not welcome— but once there,     visitors     might     never     leave!
Jubal Speaks
I sport buckskin and bangles
Dance in moccasined feet
Hair falling in tangles
I whirl to the beat                                hermit
We live all together
And love wild and free
Like fur feather ‘n flower
We mate naturally.
I’ve found heaven’s key
That takes away pain
God touches me tripping
And I’m blissful again
Come sing songs of loving
Let all trouble cease
Enter into our dreamworld
Where you will find peace
Come-join us in peace!
Jubal Unspoken
I hide myself in mountain shadows
Swilling bottles empty
To fill with letters of love.
I send each one on the river run
That flows to mother sea.
But in backwater eddies, my secrets circle
I blow the sweet incense of Marijane skyward
Prayer smoke to my Father
And watch the smoke dissipate
To  become lost like me.

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recently released in all e-book stores.